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Colony of Circuitry: The Offical Blog of Robbie Lizhini
Robbie's offical blog is the go to place, to find out what he is working on, when new work is released, samples of short stories, as well as features on writing, books, art, and life. It is updated regularly on a semi-weekly basis.





RE: Wind
A collection of reviews, that Robbie has written for various websites, magazines, newspapers, or in some rarecases just for fun. There really is theme, as you can find film, books, Video Games, Technology, and other subject matter. Everything is tagged by catagory however. So if you have a prefrence you can easy weed out the things you don't want to read. But we recommend giving them all a read..
Coming soon.



Vegan' the Poor
A brand new start up blog Robbie has started as a resource for vegans. The focus of the blog is for vegans on a budget, but inside you will find recipes, features on the lifestyle, animal rights essays.

Coming soon.




The King is Dead: An Ethan Ether Mystery (No publisher)
Originally a Robbie's 2012 Nanowrimo novella, it recievedthe massive amount of interest the novella recieved, Robbie has decided to rewrite, The King is Dead as a proper novel, slated for a 2013 release. The story revolves around Ethan a young magician of the vaudeville stage. He finds his teacher violently murdered in his trailer. His questions regarding the murder spider web into a trecherous plot that involves countless dimensions including heaven and hell -- and Ethan trapped in the middle. Read the first chapter in its original form.




Her Black Devices (Artiface Press)
From the pages of Artface Press' Obento anthology, Man in Black's Solo adventure and mystery are collected into this volume two months after print. The story revolves around a cursed immortal whom wanders the earth attempting to make up for his transgresions so he can be reunited with all those loved ones he has lost and finally rest. With no name, and no face he skirts the shadows of the occult and strange righting abherents against nature. When this Man in Black finds out of a strange series of murders in Pacific City, he can't help but be drawn to it. But what he finds is that its his own past mistakes, that are guilty of these murders.

UNDERsea Agent (Public Domain Project)
In 2010, Robbie was approached to take part in a project that would see the printing of a series of Novellas featuring pulp and comic characters rebooted and reimagined taken from the public Domain. However that project soon was abandoned. These are the first two chapters of the story Robbie wrote recreating David Jones the U.N.D.E.R Sea Agent. The story takes place during th cold war, when vicious creatures of the depths begin attacking navy ships and submarines, leaving no survivors. Read the first two chapters here.