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Presidential Pulp

Doc Claus VOL 1 (Metahuman Press)
This isn't the St. Nick you know!  The hero of the north, the Man of Presents, whisks across the world to fight crime and find adventure 364 days a year. One part comedy, one part parody and all adventure! Doc Claus flies out of his not-so-secret base to fight evil in five all-new adventures by Terry Alexander, Greg Daniel, Travis Hiltz, Robbie Lizhini and M.H. Norris!




Presidential Pulp

A New Pulp Anthlogy featuring the most insane events of the US Presidents you never wanted to know about. Robbie writes part one of a two part tale, featuring a cybernetic F.D.R going into Nazi occupied France to confront a threat you will have to read to believe! This book also includes stories by Jim Beard, Travis Hiltz, Caine Dorr, and Robin Reed, edited by Nick Alhelm




Bento Box (Artifice Press)
From the recognized super hero fiction Publisher, comes an experimental Flash fiction style collection of Anthologies. Bento Box currently on its 8th volume collects a multitude of genres, characters and style. Robbie Lizhini (writing as Jae Lizhini) writes the multi part saga of a nameless immortal, known as "The Man in Black" as he confronts his past lover, in an attempt to stop her killing spree that has gone on for almost five hundred years. Along with Robbie, Jacob Milnestein, Jason Kenny, Adrian Watts, Michael Frazoni, H.H Neville also spin tales in this unique, and did I mention FREE series of Ebooks.
A2 Anthology (Artifice Press)
From its debut almost a decade ago, Artfice press has revolutionized shared universe super-hero fiction. Now for the first time ever in print, this volume collects the most acclaimed stories from, Anthology 2! Writing as Jae Lizhini, Robbie, deconstructs the classic american superhero as the clone of founding father James Madison in "The First Son". This massive tomb also includes stories by Chris Munn, Jericho Vilar, Matthew Cavazos, Matt Pierce, H.H Neville, Jason Kenney, Adrian Watts, Jacob Milnestein, and many others!


Threat Level (mini Comic)

In this Seven page mini-comic, we meet a US Government agent who has realized his wife has been cheating on him, and he has to make a decision whether to let jealousy reign supreme or not. Written and drawn by Robbie.




For Curosity's Sake (Telescript)
A short film, for Fangirl Academy, the following script tells the story of a near future scenerio where scientists used humans as experiments for teleportation technology, sending them along with a hapless engineer to the surface of mars where they see the brutal truth of the suposedly dead planet. To be filmed at the end of 2012.