[This Writing thing (1 of 3)] Making this Writing Thing Work

once-upon-a-timeSo it’s November, and Nanowrimo is in full swing.  All those wonderfully committed writers are plucking out staggering high daily word counts, and impressing us all with their tenacity.  And I have to say even though I write about six days a week, and tend to always have my next project waiting for me, I feel a bit ashamed.  I should be writing more.  My daily counts could definitely go higher.  But to imagine those poor waylaid folks who can’t even sit down and put a single word to paper, despite dreaming of being an author.  My heart really goes out for them.

And that’s what led me to start this new three part series.  I wanted to illustrate, how I manage to do ‘This writing thing’.   And maybe, I can help a few more people finally release their beautiful imaginations into the jumble of prose writing.  And if not, hey at least I’m writing?   And just a friendly reminder like all these Pro-tip, advice columns, this is completely from my point of view.   So viewer discretion is advised.

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