[This Writing thing (1 of 3)] Making this Writing Thing Work

once-upon-a-timeSo it’s November, and Nanowrimo is in full swing.  All those wonderfully committed writers are plucking out staggering high daily word counts, and impressing us all with their tenacity.  And I have to say even though I write about six days a week, and tend to always have my next project waiting for me, I feel a bit ashamed.  I should be writing more.  My daily counts could definitely go higher.  But to imagine those poor waylaid folks who can’t even sit down and put a single word to paper, despite dreaming of being an author.  My heart really goes out for them.

And that’s what led me to start this new three part series.  I wanted to illustrate, how I manage to do ‘This writing thing’.   And maybe, I can help a few more people finally release their beautiful imaginations into the jumble of prose writing.  And if not, hey at least I’m writing?   And just a friendly reminder like all these Pro-tip, advice columns, this is completely from my point of view.   So viewer discretion is advised.

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The trouble with Inspiration

plagiarimsAs some of you might have seen I was not sure what to write about in this week’s writer’s tips blog, so I took to social networking to help me decide. The choices were an entry about inspirations, or about character writing outside of your comfort zone.  And there were a few more people interested in hearing about inspiration.  Actually a few writers were curious about the concept of the turbulence that Inspiration can cause.  And that sounds like a lot of fun to write about, so that’s where we are.  And for those who chimed in for interest on Writing outside your comfort level, I’ll be focusing in on that really soon.  And those comments also changed my initial idea.  I really like the conversations and I might try for feedback more often.  Plus  H.H. Neville gave me another topic that might be getting some focus not soon after.   Speaking of inspiration!

I think we all know what inspiration is.  It comes from many fonts and eddies in our minds.  They can sometimes be accidental and often were not even sure where they come from, and our minds spin out of control like a train wreck we can’t look away from.  Of course then there are other times when our inspiration speaks to us in a much more lucid way.  When we see a concept in a film, tv show, video game, novel or what not that spawn this appetite to make it our own, be it for critique, deconstruction or just because it seems fun.  Not matter how inspiration hits, or why we drink it up like fine wine the truth remains that there is always a dividing line between too much or too little.  But how do we manage ourselves to fall in line to create something unique or all our own, when most of the things that pop into our head are birthed by the concepts of other things.

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