SCRIBBLES: ‘Shattered’

shatteredI have little shards of projects, that I randomly find sometimes.  Drawings bits of stories and those kinds of things.  Sometimes I see them and get inspired to do something with them.  Usually I just look at them and vaguely remember what they are on about.  They tend to be a good thing to post to the blog when I have no idea what to post.  Obviously this is one of those pieces.

This bit I’m calling shattered.  The post date on the file was from 2007.  Yet the politics involved looks like it was written yesterday with everything going on in the world.  It reminds me of possibly a set up for some sort of pulp adventure, I did nothing with.  I really have no idea.  I don’t even remember writing it as sad as that sounds.  Its set in Los Angeles, which is interesting.  I have a few of these random bits of writing that are based in LA.  One day I’ll write something properly set in town.

But at any rate, I’m posting it here.  I hope you enjoy it.


The armed soldiers came in like ghosts.  Their foot falls nor did their guns put off more than hisses as they marched over the bottom floor of my house.  They made their way through my two story A-level like Bolsheviks with a similar agenda.  They weren’t after my flat mates though.  They were reputable young professionals.  And I would find out each and every one of them disappeared that night. 

I should have been just as “disappeared” as the lot of them were.  I was no less reputable as a professional; it was only my field had a way of getting information into my hands that perhaps wasn’t meant for my eyes.  So I knew things.  And somehow I got on the list of people who knew too much.  Funny thing was the information they were looking to seize I hadn’t yet even decrypted.  I had been up all night just straightening out the metal heads of the physical unit so I could try to read the damaged magnetic strips.   And perhaps if it wasn’t such a chore, I would never have had a god damn chance of getting out.  I would have been in a dark solitary cell or worse.

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