Truth & Consequences Pt. 1

youre-a-geek-300x240I happen to be a writer, and on occasion I like to post Fiction stories for my readers to check out.  Sometimes these stories are just random ideas.  Other times they are stories I wrote and the contract fell through so they are just gathering dust.  Its up to you to figure out which is which.

This particular Short story is called Truth and Consequences .It involves two of my more abrasive dungeons and dragons characters going on an adventure together.  The world and setting of this story comes from Josh Weekley.  If you you enjoy the setting of Braeton and the tapestry of the pseudo historical world, he’s written a novel set in the same world called ‘Crown of the Dwarf King’.  Check it out on


Barlaeworth was a simple farming village, far removed from the shadow of the capital.  Neither its location nor the bounty of its land granted the spot any small bit of importance.  Of the countless maps of Braeton no cartographer in the last 300 years, had wasted a single dot of ink on its existence.    Of course this story would not be told if it was poised to remain in its obscurity.

The sandy brown fields of wheat and barley encircled the invisible city of Barlaeworth.  The long brown reeds flowed like a murky river from the carefully divided squares of farmlands to the haphazardly carved dirt roads of its market center.  For an entire generation the farmers of Barlaeworth had tried in vain to grow crops other than barley and wheat.  But no matter how fully toiled or how virginal they left their fields, for the last 50 years, it mattered not.  The host only saw to deliver to them the same toffee and bracken toned bounty.  From the houses, to the shops, the entire village seemed only to know the color of sand.

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