Truth and Consequences Part 9

ITALIAN-HAND-AND-A-HALF-SWORDI happen to be a writer, and on occasion I like to post Fiction stories for my readers to check out.  Sometimes these stories are just random ideas.  Other times they are stories I wrote and the contract fell through so they are just gathering dust.  Its up to you to figure out which is which.

This particular Short story is called Truth and Consequences .It involves two of my more abrasive dungeons and dragons characters going on an adventure together.  The world and setting of this story comes from Josh Weekley.  If you you enjoy the setting of Braeton and the tapestry of the pseudo historical world, he’s written a novel set in the same world called ‘Crown of the Dwarf King’.  Check it out on

This is the seventh part of the story.  If you are just tuning in, you can find the earlier posts here

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Making this Writing thing work (2 of 3)

In the first part we talked about scheduling and making sure you had the time to make a go of writing.  Setting aside the time and making it routine is the very foundation of being a writer, and eventually a 355ee1bbaddae67680eee69fc33f6058paid author.  But its only one piece of a puzzle.  If you sit down in front of a keyboard you are coming at it with the goal of writing.  Most of us who think if writing have tons of ideas, and when we look at a blank piece of paper we want to flesh out this idea.  And the first time its simple to create a world from this idea that exists in our minds.  But attacking it day after day some of us might find that the going gets tougher.  Maybe there are pieces you haven’t really thought about.  Maybe there is fragility to it that you hadn’t considered.  Maybe looking at the daunting  task of finishing your novel becomes so much to bare.  No matter what happens the end result is you stop writing.

The truth is, as though there are many people who swear off outlining or planning out the attack on a new project, I find it’s the one thing that can keep me coming back into the alcove of time that I’ve sectioned off for my writing.  Spending time figuring out how my idea comes together means I understand my idea.  If I get stuck, or I have written myself into a wall there’s always a way out.  Because I’ve put my story concept to the test and I know it works now.   So how do we test our idea?  How do we formulate a way to figure things out that works for us in our own unique way of writing.  As always I do my best to paint broadstrokes.  But I’m subjected to my own experiences and what works for me.  Not everything is set up for everyone, but I hope I can help a little bit.  Let’s continue shall we?

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JUST FINISHED: A Certain Magical Index (vol 1-3)

Certain Magical Index Cover

Certain Magical Index Cover

A Certain Magical Index is a series of light novels by  Kazuma Kamachi that tell all the strange happenings that one Tōma Kamijō, goes through after meeting a girl who has memorized 103,000 magical books and documents.  Set in a ficticious ultra technologically advanced section of Tokyo called Academy City, the series explores both the real world costs of science and technology, juxtaposed with the fall out of psychic powers and dynamic magic abilities.  If this sounds like an anime series, well there have been two, not to mention a manga, a spin off book series and a feature film.

For those unfamiliar with Light Novels, they are a Japanese version of the illustrated novel.  In length they are to be considered novellas and many tend to be collected serial chapters from fiction magazines.  A Certain Magical Index is illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimura. Due to the brevity of each volume, I decided that I’d review the first three volumes in one review, as a way to feel that I obtained enough character and plot information to give a full review.   NOTE: For those who have seen the anime, Wikipedia informs me that volumes 1-3 would be following up to episode 14, though I have yet to see the show so I don’t know how accurate this is. Continue reading

JUST FINISHED: Dillon and the Voice of Odin

9780595299683_p0_v1_s260x420In order to give my thoughts on various bits of media, perhaps shedding a little light on my mind, or maybe it’s just the aching of my journalist backbone I routinely write reviews.   This time I’m reviewing Derrick Ferguson’s First Dillon Book, The Voice of Odin.


You really don’t need to have read any of the Dillon Books to get an idea of who this man is, and how any of his adventures roll along.  The novels really tend to be self-explanatory.  If you’ve ever read James Bond, Jason Bourne, Doc Savage or ‘Man of action’ style globetrotting hero for hire sort of book, then you know the sort of fair.  That is not to say Dillon is simply a carbon copy of these classic heroes.  But he’s ripped from same mold, but the substance is a little different.  But is Dillon different enough to deliver an enjoyable experience, or does The Voice of Odin, hit a sour note?   Read on.

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