INFODUMP: A bit of an Update

Six_Guns_and_Spaceships.1Its been quite hectic here for the last few months.  As some of you (I hope) are aware there’s been a few new short stories published, since the last I updated—and I’ve been hard at work on a few other projects, some I hope will see the light of day soon.  Others well, we’ll see how these things happen.  But its been a while… and I miss the open page.  So what you may ask, has been up?

Probably the larger and most notable release was Six-Guns and Spaceships an Anthology featuring  Phil Athens, Joel Jenkins and myself mixing westerns with Science fiction to wonderous results.  I have talked a little about my story a little bit before.  “A train heist in Hyperspace” tells the story of a crew of outlaws trying to pull off one of the greatest Astro-train heists in the galaxy, before everything goes wrong.  It mixes the sensibilities of the classic western train heist, with  science fiction galactic swashbuckling—with a bit of anime/manga style action.  I am quite happy with how the story came out with the help of the wonderful Morgan Minor who was the editor on my story.  I do hope this isn’t the last you see of the outlaw group the warp-4 and all the supporting characters who came along for the ride.  It’s a lot of fun, and I hope you decide to check it out.

Last month also saw the release, of Bento Box 11, my return to the bi-monthly anthology of bite sized tales of daring, suspense, horror and everything in between.  This issue was quite large, with a page count of over 30 pages.  Lisa Knight went out of her way for this edition and she should be applauded for the effort.  Bento 11, sees the first part of a multipart story of mine telling the story of a rich girl who wakes up to find a deadman in her bed and the police knocking on the door.  Now she’s on the run to put as much distance between herself and the cops as she can.  But things can only go down from here.  This story will soon feature the first appearance of a pulp style man of action, who is very much unlike anything you’ve seen before.  Of course that is if poor Trinity can survive long enough to meet up with him.

Aside from those two stories I also wrote a horror story called “What Stays in my Cabin” which, came out pretty well, and was written for a magazine’s Halloween special.  Unfortunately it didn’t get to the editors in time, so it won’t be getting printed at this time.  However the editor did express a commitment of wanting to print it in the future.  So we’ll see how that goes.  But in the mean time I’ve continued to work on some other projects—as there is no rest for the weary.

Recently I’ve finished the rough draft of my first novel—which as readers know I’ve been working on for the last year.  After a year of work It’s time to go from the roughs into its full form.  Expect to hear more about this soon.  As I plan to devote a good bit of my writing hours over the next few months on this and get this moving forward.  The hard part is out of the way—so now its time to really concentrate on getting this thing together into a good state and see where it can take me.

I know I’ve mentioned wanting to get back into the rhythm and rhyme of doing weekly updates to the blog in the past, and I’m still working towards that.  The work load I hope I can control better, and I can get back to task.  I still have some posts of Truth and Consequences that need edited so I can get back to that. And I got some reviews to do and a lot of things moving forward.  And I hope I can get more posts coming more regularly in the future.

But until next time, thanks for reading!

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