INFODUMP – I’m not okay, but that’s okay

sprained_wristAbout a month ago or so, I managed to sprain my wrist.  The injury severely disabled my ability to do much of anything in a creative sense.  So needless to say, it’s the main factor in my sudden mum, and the complete lack of the output anywhere else.  Truthfully it came at a perfect time, as I had few only a few responsibilities and agreements, so a forced holiday really didn’t turn out to be that bad.  Actually one could say it came at the perfect time– Ya know if there is ever a good time to have a disabling injury.

Of course, its never easy to go cold turkey on any habit.  And after the initial excitement of ‘HAVING NOTHING TO DO’ it began to set in, it was apparent I did have a lot to do, and my hands were shaking with the need.  I just couldn’t do it.  So obviously my mind pinned into over drive.  I found myself coming up with tons of new ideas and dreaming about my abandoned projects (both personal projects and those work for hire ones)… and I all I’ve wanted to do for the last few weeks is to be back at my keyboard.  Thus despite the pain, after sitting and typing for about thirty minutes– I’m back to writing on an almost daily period again.  Even if its for small bits of time.  Which I suppose my doctor would not like hearing about.  Unfortunately I can’t really draw yet.  Hopefully it won’t be too long, because I really want to draw– even more than writing and we all know how much I love writing.

So why am I mentioning this?  Why not just pop back in and start unleashing articles, and reviews and posting those short bits of story like I was doing?  Well for one I felt bad about going so long, and this blog being vacant.   I wanted to at least have some excuse– if only to make myself feel better which I suppose is what the internet really is anymore.   And two, I’m still not back to 100% so, who knows how long it’d be before I started putting things on here again, if I don’t make myself some sort of routine.

So what have I been doing?  Well obviously the novel has been the number one thing in my mind.  Having been slaving away at it now for about a year and a half, and at the halfway point in the second draft, I’ve been thinking a lot about Ethan Ether, and his 1920’s magical world.  Though the novel still doesn’t have a name (I have a few ideas, just nothing has really felt right yet), I decided to do a full read through while I was laid up.  I did note a few inconsistancies and few touch ups I need to do, to make it all more cohesive.  And the moment I could sit down at the keyboard, you have to know I started plucking away at that again.  I can’t wait to start talking about it more.  And do some essay pieces and other things regarding it.  It’s coming soon, I hope.  And I will be looking for some betas in no time I’m pretty sure.

The other thing I’ve recently been writing on has been Truth and Consequences.  Though it’s a free story, I do for the blog — It is very important to me, as it’s a lot of fun to write.  It’s a very easy story, and the characters feel like home.  Plus the writer who originally created the setting is often asking me about it.  So for those of you that have been enjoying it.  Yes there is more coming– in very short order  I do hope.

As far as writing goes there is really only one other thing I should mention.  Bento Box #13 came out and it has the second part of Below the Bottom.  And yes I’m looking forward to diving deep into that as well.  Expect some new editions of that story coming soon.

And of course as mentioned earlier there are a lot of new ideas on the horizon.  I have a short comic I have begun to brain storm, and put together for when I’m able to draw again. The format is still up in the arms.  I know it will be short (not an on-going huge project), but I haven’t started the script yet just a brief outline of the plot.  When I get a feeling of the page count I’ll come up for a plan of how I’ll get it out.

There’s also a few other comic projects in my head.  It’s actually been quite a while since I’ve been bombarded with comic ideas.  I’m still deciding which one I might attack once I draw up this first one.  But most of them are longer story formats.  So who knows how they will pan out.   I’m not dismissing the idea that so many comic ideas have hit me because I can’t draw right now.  But you’ll be seeing at least one.  And probably some sketches for a few of these other ideas.

There’s more to say on my plans , and what I want to be doing and how I’m going back to attack mode once it doesn’t hurt anymore.  But its hurting right now.  But do expect to see more reviews and columns coming slowly, but coming they are.

Thanks for reading and, I hope to be back to normal REALLY REALLY soon.

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