The Ball Gag of Green

mouth restraint!Every once in a while, my compassion outweighs my common sense, and I decide to write something unrelated to the ebb and flow of the Colony of Cybernetics.  They are not completely off topic.  The importance of these choice subjects make them inspirational at some level.  But they are purely opinion pieces which, you may or may not agree with.  And of course they may challenge you at some level should you wish to read them.

Since news sites, and networks have begun pumping out stories about the Agricultural Protection Act,  I’ve gotten into many the conversation about the Ag-Gag legislation.   There are undeniably a lot of people who are confused by the legislation.  Not to mention what this means to them as consumers.  But most importantly to me, what it means to the safety and welfare of the animals which this bill centers.

So before we go any further we should talk about the law and what it is.  The Agricultural Protection act and all its peers (that is it’s not EXACTLY the same write up in every state) have three bullet points that encompass it’s reach.  The first is that they wish to make it illegal for someone to seek employment at an agro-business with the sole desire to film or document its going ons.  The second bullet point is, should they somehow do that anyways and film an incident of misconduct then they are required to give the footage to local law enforcement within 24 hours.  And the third bullet point is to induct anyone in defiance of the act in the ever growing Domestic Terrorist Watch list.

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